TABATA Mitsuru
[CD/RR11] Ruby Red Editora 2007


Tabata Mitsuru - Guitar, Loops, Voice, Effects

Tabata as been playing music for such a long time and with the most epic Japanese bands too (Boredoms / Acid Mothers Temple / Zeni Geva / Amazon Saliva / etc) You most likely find him playing in your town with one of those bands. His solo stuff is just AMAZING.

"Japanese guitarist Mitsuru Tabata's name should be better known than perhaps it is... he was an early member of the Boredoms, is a current member of Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno, and has served as KK Null's axe associate in Zeni Geva for many many years, among other activities. He's also made some brilliant solo albums, of which this is one (his third -- a fourth, on Utech, also just came out)! Rather than making much use of the heavier guitar blurt that so many of his other projects feature, on this solo disc Tabata works with layers of lovely loops, quietly cycling 'round a spacey cosmos of his own invention... well for the most part, though the track "Annihilation" does sound appropriately amped up and ferocious. But most of these pieces are built from backwards tapes, shortwave drones, guitars and synths spinning out gentle folky melodies amidst soothingly tripped-out electronic effects. Abstract psychedelic lullabies, calm and spacious and really nice! Highly recommended, all Acid Mothers Temple fans should check this out -- and not just them!" -by Aquarius Record Store

"New solo CD from Tabata, ex of Tokyo volume fetishists Loud Machine 5000 and Zeni Geva (alongside KK Null). His solo work has more to do with minimal tonal constructs of repeat-sound ticker-taping your brain into liminal consciousness with backwards tapes, eastern string tones, analog electronics and flashing percussive loops ala hi-fi Vodka Soap." - by David Keenan on Volcanic Tongue


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