la vie electrique - last exit to brainsville

TABATA Mitsuru
[CD/eaj013] Elsie and Jack (USA) October 2007

elsie and jack are proud to present the second solo cd from tabata mitsuru / founding member of the Boredoms, guitarist in Zeni Geva and now bassist/vocalist in Acid Mothers Temple among others

Tabata has once again sprinkled his own brand of moondust all over these recordings. Heavily influenced by memories of Ultraman, this is a trip inside the speeding mind of a 70’s child.
Not that this is an exercise in charming nostalgia! Tabata strikes a delicate balance between instrumental technique + raw sound manipulation to exorcise the sounds of his past.

Early one morning he went on a journey – first stop Cambridge railway station, where he got out, turned left, then left again along Cherry Hinton Road. After walking for 10 minutes, he had arrived – St. Margaret’s Square. Here, he met a beautiful man, lost in his private thoughts – they shared a spicy breakfast, and then parted, both trying to find No Man's Land.

While decoding dischordant sounds from his youth via other-worldly static + scree, brave new worlds open with each track. One can only wonder at what Joe Meek would have thought of these sounds!

From his childhood days in a Kyoto sweetshop, revelling in the zap-pow of cartoon escapism to the discovery of 60’s beat groups (waddya mean you can’t hear the snap of the snare???!!!), his own musical adventure is vast. Sludgerock, psychfreakout + noise, this aural melting pot all works its way into and out of Tabata’s psf imagination and onto this disc.

A decade has passed since e+j released Tabata’s warmly received debut full length - Brainsville – a few words then…
Aquarius: *Self-described as "monumental abstract rural eastern psych" and that sounds about right. Avant-guitar-drone-ophiles line up here. Beautiful!
*His 1998 album "Brainsville" became a big favorite around here, an excursion into "rural Eastern psych" guitar that demonstrated his obvious love of '70s krautrock head music.
Publicguilt: *Quite spectacular and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Again packaged in a lush red themed sleeve, utilising spotvarnish and silver ink - with liner notes from Tabata himself.

The first 100/500, only available from e+j and Tabata, feature a laser-etched jewelcase and an accompanying book of Tabata’s original Japanese text.
The laser-etched book cover is made from deep red suede card and paper which has been folded, origami style and constructed with due care by local artist Gary Perrine /


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